15 tips to Improve Usability of Website forms Part 2

In the previous article we have seen how Web Forms are important and some tips to improve usability of forms. (Tips #1 to #8 read article part 1 )

Suggestions for Improving Usability of FORMS continued..

#9. Use proper form elements

Proper usage of form elements is really necessary. Minimize the typing and make more use of selection. It will reduces human effort and will lead form to more efficient.

#10. Show the progress indicator for lengthy forms

Visibility of system status is one of the Heuristic Principle, with the use of this principle we can engage user in filling lengthy form. Show progress indicator for lengthy forms, let user know about current status and remaining status of form.

#11. 'Save as draft' or auto save

Apply heuristic principle of 'Error prevention' and provide auto save option when form is lengthy. You should provide flexibility of filling form in chunks by providing 'Save as draft feature'. If accidentally something wrong happens make sure the information a user has filled is saved.

#12. Errors should be shown along with help

Don't show the error only show how a user can remove it (solution or help).

#13. Always show the success message in forms once completed successfully

It is a good practice to show 'Confirmation message' after completion of forms. This improves the visibility of system status.

#14. Form flow using Tab key

Consistent Form flow is very important especially when probability of using forms through keyboard high. When a user uses forms using Tab key it should flow in proper manner.

#15. Don't use technical or business jargon

Form fields should be written in plain and simple language which a normal user can understand. Especially in error messages don't show technical jargon.

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Author: Abhishek Jain (@uxdabhi)


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