Tips for designing Usable tickets (Receipt, bills etc.)

People find very difficult in reading information from tickets, bills, receipts etc. like reading seat no. from a movie ticket or reading PNR no. on a railway ticket. Sometimes text are very tiny and sometimes information is not easily readable. Since the information on tickets, receipts, bills is important for a person so it is really important to design Usable tickets. With the improvement in Usability of tickets you can save time, save efforts, reduce frustrations and bring satisfaction in your customers life. There are some recommended points that may help you in designing Usable tickets.

Tips for designing Usable tickets

1. Utilize space properly
A Ticket/bill generally comes on a small size of paper. So utilization of space is really necessary to show the information properly.

2. Group the information
Information presented on a ticket should be grouped properly. First people face problem in finding information on a ticket then reading information comes in to picture. With the help of Gestalt Principles information should be grouped.

3. Associate labels with value
It is a good practice to show information in "Label - value" form. This helps a normal person in understanding information. Not showing labels create a lot of problem.

4. Minimize usage of Watermarks or pattern
The role of watermark & pattern is to protecting your documents/work so that no one can duplicate it or steal it but its usage should be in proper manner.It should not effect your information visibility and text readability. Following points we can keep in mind while keeping watermark and pattern:

    - Keep it in very low opacity just to show a mere presence.
    - It should not over shadow the primary information.
    - It should be placed in appropriate area where the vulnerability is high.
    - Don't use bright colors for watermark and patterns.
    - Hue's of same color can be used  for watermark and patterns.
    - Try to use different techniques for keeping watermarks and patterns for ex: embossing/engraving,        stamping etc.

5. Take care of text legibility
To make text more legible there are few below mentioned points which needs to take care:

    - Choose the right font because different typefaces are designed for different purpose & uses.for  
      ex:some typefaces are designed for headlines not work in small size.
    - Choosing the right number of characters per line will help in increasing legibility. Generally we
      keep 45-75 characters per-line.
    - San Serif typefaces are considered for legible on screen.
    - The counter space in individual letter helps in making it legible.
    - Choose the right contrast between the typeface and the background.Black text on the white
      background is more legible than others.

6. Make important info. prominently
Every ticket or bill has some important information like, imp. information on a movie ticket are Screen no. and seat no. etc. Make important information more prominently and easily legible.

8. 5 second test
You can test any ticket and decide whether design of ticket is good or requires improvement. Show ticket to anyone and ask for some important information and if that person is able to figure out information within 5 seconds then ticket is well designed, if it takes 5-10 seconds then ticket is OK, but if it takes more than 10 seconds then ticket design requires improvements.

Ex. Take a railway ticket and ask anyone to read the passenger seat no. and check how much time he/she takes in getting seat no. if it takes less than 5 seconds then ticket is well designed.

9. Make tickets accessibility complaint
It is really very important to design tickets for 'Disabled' people with accessibility complaint.
Specially visually impaired person should be able to get information from a ticket. For important information you should provide a info. written in braille language with embossed paper format.


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