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UXness is an online community of UX Designers and Design enthusiasts across the globe with 35K+ UX Designers. Contribute your knowledge by publishing your ‘UX Articles’. 

Benefits in Publishing 'UX Articles'

- Get your knowledge reach to world wide designers community (35K+ UX Designers). 

- Get recognition in UX Design communities with your articles.

Learning & sharing is fun and really essential for all of us.

- Get reviews, feedbacks, appreciations & much more interactions on your knowledge. 

How to Write 'UX Articles'

- Choose the topic you wanted to write about.
(Suggested topics (but not limited to): UX, Usability, UX Process, UX Tools, UX Strategy & Management, Information Architecture, Interaction Design, Graphic Design, Visual Design, UX & IoT, AR-VR-MR Technologies, Voice based interactions, Agile & UX, Responsive Designs, UX Case Studies, UX Research, Usability Testing etc. )

- Be original in your thoughts and try to connect the dots in form of a story.

- Be concise and focused, try to express your experience in the article.

- Have some graphic elements to keep readers engaged like theme pic, infographics, videos etc. 

- Do enough research on the topic and provide the references, citations wherever necessary

- Add/provide author details as below:
    - Name of the author
    - Affiliation or company name
    - LinkedIn url or Website link of author 
    - Designation or Role of author
    - Short description (short bio) 
    - Portrait image 

How to Publish 

Send your articles (Word/PDF/Link) at:

- UXness team will perform the initial review on the article topic and content. 

- Post review success, the article will get published in UXness website and confirmation will be sent to you with direct link & recognition certificate . 

Certificate of Publication

Certificate of Publication UXNESS

Rules & Instructions

- Your article should be in context to User Experience Design and Design topics. That should help Designers, design enthusiasts in increasing their knowledge. 

- Your article should have original content, not copied from any other article/website. 

- Do not include the images, media etc. without consent from the author and provide 'Credits' too. 

Send your articles (Word/PDF/Link) at:


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