Getting started with Maze tool for Usability Testing

Maze tool

About Maze Tool

Analytics for Prototypes -  Maze is an online Usability Testing tool which can use high fidelity (Clickable) prototypes to prepare Usability Testing/Remote UT environment setup. Discover how real users interact with your prototype: define missions, collect actionable insights and analyze how your design performed, with 0 lines of code. 

Key Features of Maze

1. Direct Success
2. Indirect Success
3. Bounce Rate
4. Average Duration
5. Mis-click rate
6. Heat Map & Click Trail
7. Individual User Session Data

Lets Look at Maze tool

Direct Success, Bounce Rate, Misclick rate

Usability Testing Template

User session data, Heat map, Click Trail

About Author
Abhishek Jain
Lead UX Researcher 


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