Confirmation Bias – A real life example

Confirmation bias example

Psychology and it's principles are all around. Sharing one tiny example of 'Confirmation Bias' from very common place where we go very frequently 'Petrol Pumps'. Post fuel filling Gas/Fuel, some petrol stations offer 'Complementary Tyre Air pressure filling/checking'. You might have noticed bunch of coins are at the bottom of Air machine. This 'Bunch of Coin' silently tells you "it's not for free, you have to pay some money". Sometimes the worker be very open and may ask you the charge or sometimes he puts the silent and open message of 'Asking charge' using 'Confirmation Bias' principle in this way. When we see this bunch of coins over there, we by-default make our decision that 'We have to pay the charges'. Note: This example is Contextual to India/some part of India upto my knowledge :) hashtagConfirmationBias hashtagUX hashtagpsychology hashtagdecisionmaking


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