Good Customer Care is must for better CX

For any company or product what is really important to retain their customer, to increase their customer base & to increase business – ‘Customer Experience’. Customer experience is the experience of customers felt in overall journey of company/service/product etc. Good CX coverts more business & more satisfied customers and Bad CX not only reduces customers but also affects company or brand identity, trust, business. In today’s world most of the companies are using IVR system for providing ‘Customer care’ or post purchase help. It is really good to have a ‘Customer care’ system for customers but having ‘customer care’ is not sufficient unless it is designed for customers. We all have felt frustrations in calling customer care and getting answers multiple times specially in telecom, eCommerce, retail etc. 

Effects of Bad Customer Care Services

  1. Affects decision making – Your previous bad experience of Customer support can stop you in purchasing or consuming services or product of that brand in future.
  2. Negative publicity through word of mouth – When we get very bad experience, we share our experience with our neighbors, colleagues, friends, relatives and this leads to negative publicity of brand/company/service/product etc.
  3. Negative image in Social networking – Today Social media is giving us more wings to share our experience and making path easy to reach big audience. Frustrated customers directly post their bad experience on social media like Facebook page of product, twitter page, personal blogs, company forums etc. which results in negative publicity of brand/company/service/product in social media.


  4. Reduction in Customer retention rate - Different companies are offering similar kind of products then retention of their customer depends upon good ‘Customer services’ like after sales ‘customer care’. Bad Customer support also reduces retention of your customer base.
  5. Reduces Business - If customers are not staying with your services or new people are not becoming your customer due to negative brand image then business is getting reduced.


Customer experience is a key factor in today’s era for business growth. Customer experience doesn’t only come from a product, it comes from an overall customer journey like if a customer is purchasing ‘Mobile’ phone online then good customer experience will depend upon following aspects,
  1. Is a customer is able to purchase mobile easily?
  2. Is he/she able to find best mobile phone?
  3. Is he/she able to use purchased mobile phone?
  4. If any problem comes in product then he/she is able to get resolution by customer care or not?

‘Customer Care’ is one the key aspect in complete ‘Customer Experience’ & we should focus on improving Usability of Customer care.

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