7 amazing Photoshop plugins for web designers

Web and visual designers use Adobe Photoshop extensively to create visual designs, images, assets etc. There are some Plugins available which not only make their life easy but also improve their efficiency by giving more flexible solutions. 7 must have plugins are listed below for web designers.


Free cloud based Photoshop plugin that converts your layers to CSS3.

2. Webbsy

HTML & CSS OUTPUT - Takes a Photoshop image and creates a web page coded using best practices that works in all major browsers.

3. CSS Hat

Colors, gradients, sizes, borders etc. All instantly in CSS, coverts Photoshop layer into CSS.

4. Export Kit

This converts PSD to html, CSS, WordPress etc.

5. QR Code Generator

Generates QR codes as images

6. Cut & Slice me

Export assets to different devices and export as group of png.

7. Elemente

Helpful in creating wordpress themes, convert PSD to wordpress.


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