What is logo?

In simple terms logo identifies a business in its simplest form via the use of a mark and icon.

Logo is the identity of the business which is memorable and recognizable it should not describe what company does. There are three basic types of logos:
1. Iconic/symbolic
2.Logo type/Word mark
3. Combination Marks

1. Iconic/symbol 

In iconic and symbol such imagery is used which convey abstract representation of the company. For example : Apple

Apple logo

2. Logotype/Word mark  

In common language we can say that company name is used in text format but in stylish way or bold way. Sometimes designer play with negative or positive area with in font to convey the nature of the business. For Ex: Fedex

FedEx logo

One can see the forward arrow in the FedEx logo which conveys their type of business.

3. Combination Marks 

It is combination of text and symbol and icon which represent your company or organization. Symbol includes additional value to your logo by placing it with text. For ex: Domino’s Pizza

Dominos logo

References: logodesignsource.com

Author: Shivin Mittal ( @MittalShivin )

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