Hotjar vs Clicktale - Digital Experience analytics tool comparison

Hotjar vs Clicktale tool comparison

Continuous focus on user behaviour and actions is the key to craft better user experience and improve designs. Focus is not limited till the product design and development phases but also in post release phase. Once the product is live or released, another set of UX activities get started, where product designers and researchers focus on various Usability & UX metrics. Measuring & analysing these metrics help in identifying further improvements and identifying new needs. There are various frameworks to execute post release research activities such as Google Heart framework, Pulse, AARRR Metrics etc. Web analytics tools also play an important role in capturing the real time activities on product which helps data science researchers, product owners, UX researchers and designers etc. to draw actionable and critical insights about the release product. 

What is Digital Experience Analytics
Digital customer experience analytics are all of the metrics that track and measure relevant data about the customer journey during every stage of the customer lifecycle. Customer experience analytics guide the digital marketing agenda and are used to prioritize the use of marketing investments. [1] There are a huge list of behaviour analytics tools available in market. "Which tool to choose for your product analysis" is one such a big question for a product team. There are some parameters which can help you decide the best tool for your needs which are listed in below table. I have tried to do comparison of two top tools in behaviour analytics ecosystem: Hotjar and Clicktale

Hotjar is a behavior analytics company that analyses website use, providing feedback through tools such as heatmaps, session recordings, and surveys. It works with web analytics tools such as Google Analytics to offer an insight into how people are navigating websites, and how their customer experience can be improved. [2]

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Clicktale is a Software-As-A-Service, cloud-based analytic system and service that allows you to visualize your customer's experience on your website from their perspective. It provides the ability to analyze their interactions in aggregate in the form of heatmaps and reports, as well as individual session replays.[3]

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Short descriptionEasy to use visitor heat mapping, visitor recording and website polling platformEnterprise analytics and customer conversion platform
Click HeatmapsYesYes
Move HeatmapsYesYes
Scroll HeatmapsYesYes
Download and share HeatmapsYesYes
Heatmaps split by device typeYesYes
Session recordingsYesYes
Activity mapping in session recordingsYesYes
Funnel analysis (Task analysis)YesYes
Recordings of task completionYesYes
Form analysis (field engagement, drop-offs and submission statsYesYes
Intercept surveys & polls (NPS)YesYes
Website analyticsYesYes
IntegrationEasy & quick (Few lines of code to be integrated in Java Script file)Easy & quick (Few lines of code to be integrated in Java Script file)
Integration with UsabillaNoYes
Integration with Adobe TargetNoYes
Dynamic content click heatmap    NoNo
Best used byMainly by Product team, UX team.
Data analytics team with limited capability to integrate with other analytics platform.
Primarily used by UX, product, data analytics, marketing team, customer success teams, sales team with personalised dashboards & platforms. 
Preferred forBasic B2B, B2C, Web applicationsEnterprise applications, B2B and complex platforms. 
PriceFree version - Free with limited capabilityBy quote, Basic Plan starts at $99/month for 20,000 page views
PricePaid version - Starting from 89$ per monthSilver is $290/month for 80,000 page views, Gold is $990/month for 300,000 page views
Integration with Top analytics toolsYesYes 
Similarities Rank7 (495K+ websites)83 (14K+)
Available in platform
Mobile iOSYesYes
Mobile - Android YesYes
Web SAAS CloudYesYes
Language supported
UX analysis (Rating 1 to 5, 1 being low and 5 being high rating)
Output of the tool55
Helpful in analytics55
Easy to operate55
Dependency from technical side in conducting analysis45
Running Poll/Survey/Feedback/NPS real time41
OverallHotjar is easy to use and easily integratable to live websites. The output like heatmaps, funnel analysis and live sessions are great value add for UX research analysis and to take actionable insights. Clicktale is very easy to deploy and can provide detailed multi tire analytics visually. Apart from heat-maps, scroll reach, & funnel analytics, one could also additionally setup custom test to observe the engagement of user with each element on screen. 


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