Customer Engagement to make ‘Wait’ enjoyable – A practice in E-commerce

"I ordered a product this month and I would get it after 1.5 months. OMG Really!!!" In E-commerce 'Wait' is very important factor to tackle. It has some serious risk towards Customer Experience and can lead to lose business. Handling 'Wait' can be done with engaging their customers tactfully.

Let’s look at the one of my real life experience with Pepperfry.
I ordered a furniture via #Pepperfry on 4th Nov and it would get delivered to me by 22nd Dec (around 1.5 months later). When we look logically this time frame seems okay because building furniture takes time. But when looking it from other perspective; it a deal where I paid today and will get thing after a quite long time. In this timeframe I may have many thought related to 'Quality of furniture, trust on website, surprising factor, is this waiting worth?' etc. 

From product owners perspective this is an opportunity for you to move this 'Wait' towards 'Excitement and Surprise' or towards 'discouragement/bother'. Choice is yours!!!

If you wanted to opt for 1st way (i.e. Excitement and surprise) then proper engagement of customer is needed. Example: Satisfied tracking system or product status, sharing moments of your dreams (I imagined that buying some furniture may be your dream to decorate your home etc.), sharing the details of materials getting used (like Did you know about the Wood in your furniture?).

These small engagements doses can keep user engaged in positive manner and simultaneously you are communicating some key USPs and giving your customer to initiate ‘Word of Mouth’ publicity in their social groups.  


Abhishek Jain
Design Lead - UX Researcher 


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