What's special in Axure Prototyping tool?

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Prototyping is one of the most important activity for UX designers which generally done on paper sketches to digital softwares. There are lot of wireframing and prototyping softwares and applications available. Each one is having some special qualities or offerings for designers. In this article we are going to discuss how 'Axure' prototyping tool is different for prototyping, how UX designers and interaction designers can get benefitted.

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1. Create wireframe to prototype with Interactivity
One can create low fidelity wireframes to high fidelity functioning prototypes in axure with adding interactions. Axure provides a great set of interactions which one can use and create awesome prototypes.

2. Test prototypes like an app on mobile
If you are designing any mobile application, then view prototype like an opening app directly from mobile. This helps in experiencing the prototype in more realistic manner. Good for testing and analysis.

3. Adaptive prototyping
For designing responsive and adaptive applications, designers need not to create 3 difference prototypes of different resolution. Axure provides responsive prototyping by which in single prototype we can create different screen layouts.

Responsive layout in axure

4. Storing & sharing on cloud
Axure provides file storage & sharing on cloud also. So no need to worry from where you are working, you can get your prototype files and links everywhere.
Link: https://share.axure.com/

5. Amazing social collaborated community for learning
One of the most amazing thing about Axure is not any feature in tool, it is their support social community. Social collaborated community portal of Axure is very rich crowd sourced learning platform where designers who are learning the tool or having any difficulty come & get solutions by different designers.
Link: http://www.axure.com/c/forum.php

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6. Designer friendly updates
Axure team is working hard in understanding the designers need and helping in their design process very aggressively. From first version to Axure to latest version they have added, updated lot of features and made more designer friendly.

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