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Before the announcement of its immediate availability, the Adobe team has posted introduction and video on their website to hype for the coming of Adobe Experience Design CC (Preview). Almost instantaneously, the new Mockplus team has released a big upgrade to The release of Adobe XD and upgrade of Mockplus raised the atmosphere of competitions among the prototyping tools again.

Prototyping tools are booming in recent years, which provides multiple choices with UIUX designers. Meanwhile, it also resulted in various entanglement for designers.

 1.Adobe XD

The hot Adobe XD is reported to target on UI, UX and mobile app designers working on a large number of screens and product models. Furthermore, the mission is to“provide an integrated, end-to-end environment for visual and interaction design, wireframing, prototyping, previewing, and sharing of Web and mobile app designs.”Apparently, lots of designers are full of expectation to Adobe XD, not only because of it’s great reputation, but also it’s debut as a free Mac public preview. On the other hand, it is rumored to be a formidable adversary of Sketch?


Before the available of Adobe XD, Mockplus completed a big update quietly. It has broken through the limitation of interactive prototyping based on the statical version. There is no doubt that UI/UX designers are not familiar with this new title, comparing with the renowned Axure, Justinmind and other big names. What deserve to be mentioned is it’s very fast to create interactive prototypes with drag-and-drop. It will give you a breathtaking experience as the visualized operations, no intricate and heavy steps required to build a dynamical prototype. Scanning the generated QR code to preview projects on mobile device, that could be one of the flashpoints over other prototyping apps. The Mockplus team believes in four fast concepts: Fast Interaction, Fast Design, Fast Previewing, and Fast Learning. Which also make them feel sanguine about the future.

3. Invision

Invision is a great design tool splendid in team cooperation.
“InVision is a platform that enables companies of all sizes to discover the power of design-driven product development and speak a common design language among both business and design teams. Built to foster good communication and agile iterations, InVision will help design teams produce a v5 product before writing a line of code on v1.”
In allusion to practical, it cannot be classed as a real prototyping tool, but the great support of team collaboration and project demonstration makes it prevalent. Because it support to import prototypes and create interactions, and it is very intuitive on web display of prototypes. The Invision team is proud of prototyping accessible for everyone.

Under a fast-paced society, more and more useful helping tools will emerge to satisfy the need of UI/UX designers. Guided by kinds of prediction of UX Design Trend, the development of the tools could be more anticipated. The skyrockets of mobile app development and organizations around the globe, UX designers will be more preferred on omnipotent tools to deliver mobile apps and websites, quickly and easily.

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