Importance of User Experience in Online Business

User Experience  in Online Business

Starting or owning Online Business like E-commerce, sales, learning etc. and not getting optimum business/customers. Have you checked about User Experience of your product/services ever, if not then then don’t waste time and work on improving user experience.

User experience is not only limited to what user feels, it is directly proportional to the business. Rich in UX results in to more Re-business, builds trust, and increases emotional touch which converts into more business.

Business grows with customers and  if they are happy with your services they will love to come back and they will advertise for you. Best publicity is mouth publicity.

Evolution of IT industry and UX
In early ages of IT, company or individual who is having technological capabilities wins the business. Then more companies became technology capable then Usability of services/product came into picture. Company with Technology + Usable products won the business in that age. Then 3rd generation came, where most of the companies have thought of technology and implemented Usability, now company with technology capabilities + usable product + Better user experience is winning the business.

Your competitor is just one click away
In an online business company, competition is very high and critical because your competitor is just one click away from you. If customer/user is not getting proper care or satisfied with your product/service there are lots of other websites are available for him in just one click. So for acquiring new customers and re-business from old customers UX plays an important role.

Myth about UX

Myth 1: UX is about web design – This is the biggest Myth about UX. UX is far bigger than that, UX is an Ecosystem in which Human, product, service, company, business etc. are involved.

Myth 2: UX is about how beautiful site/app looks. UX is not about how site looks, it is about how customers’ intend/need is getting fulfilled using less/effective efforts which should bring feeling of happiness and satisfaction.

Example: E-commerce and UX

For an E-commerce retail online business, UX starts from very first interaction of your business with customers i.e. Website/app etc. and it continues till complete customer journey. Some questions about E-commerce which can tell about UX of your business,

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- Is user able to know that whatever he/she needs, available in your website?
- Is user able to find easily what he/she wants?
- Is user able to make required decisions to purchase that product/service?
- How simple is the complete check-out process?
- If purchased, then are you able to deliver the product/service in best time for him/her?
- Are you offering any after purchasing services like assistant, guide etc.?
- How you are building relationship with your customers?

From where you should start
Firstly make your website/app usability compliance. Hire a Usability Expert or User Experience Expert for complete user research. Note that this research is not only about website/app but also contains analysis of your complete service/process.
Prepare complete customer journey map and map it with customer experience. Find opportunistic areas for improvement in experience. 

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