Gamification – Basic understanding

What is Gamification

Gamification is the use of game thinking and game mechanics in non-game contexts to engage users in solving problems. Gamification is used in applications and processes to improve user engagement, return on investment, data quality, timeliness, and learning.

Why people play games?

Game elements

What all games are having….

Game mechanics

Important game mechanics which we can apply in non- game systems

- Point system

- Levels

- Leader boards

- Badges

- Challenges & Quests

- Social Engagement loops

Benefits of Gamification

  1. Motivations and long term user engagement and loyalty.
  2. Making things more pleasurable in interaction, process  and in system.
  3. Helps in creating brand connection with user in a meaningful and interesting way.
  4. It can be used with different roles like User, customers, employee and different scenarios like user engagement, personal motivation.         
  5. Helps in converting complex system in to simple and interesting system.

Where we can apply Gamification Techniques

  1. Apply gamification techniques in New System to make it  more easier to learn.
  2. To improve any process like, appraisal, Filling Time Sheet.
  3. To motivate user to perform any task.
  4. In improving working efficiency and process improvement.

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