Brainstorming – Avenger style

Brainstorming is really very necessary step in UCD process or UX process for finding ideas. Ultimately ideas are the foundation of any better experience.
‘Brainstorming is creative minds discussion to find a conclusion for a  specific problem statement by gathering a list of ideas’.
For improving the quality of discussion and obtaining more creative ideas and thought lets learn about a new way of ‘Brainstorming’ i.e. ‘Avenger style’.

What is Avenger style Brainstorming

If any problem is given to all the super heroes like superman, spider man, hulk, iron man, thor etc. what they would be doing to resolve that problem. They have powers, privileges and something called impossible is really possible for them. For UX team and other Design teams can use this method of brainstorming for generating more creative and innovative ideas.

Steps for Avenger style brain storming

Step 1 -

Gather all team members who are going to participate in brainstorming and get the problem statement.

Step 2 -

Before starting discussion in group, ask everyone about their favorite super hero. And once everyone tells about their favorite superhero, ask them to imagine that superhero in themselves. Now in your discussion there is no ‘Normal person’, everyone is a ‘Super hero’.
Congrats, you have found group of superheroes ‘Avengers’.

Step 3 -

Now take the problem statement and think about your super hero, what he/she would be doing in this situation. Try to find out more creative ideas because now you have powers of superheroes and nothing is impossible. You will be enjoying with the ideas people will get and share in discussion.

Step 4 -

Now when you have found lots of ideas, think about feasibility. Since you are a normal cum creative human being I mean designers, you don’t have powers of superheroes. But you have power of ‘Technology’. So think about technical feasibility of ideas.

Benefit -

When we think about any ideas, then at first stage our mind should not get biased with any constraints. Mind should free and we should always think  out of the box. Because when you think in constraints, our thinking becomes narrower and creative ideas get blocked.
This method not only provide you free thinking but also gives you powers to thing bigger and impossible ideas also.
Enjoy this Avenger style of brainstorming.


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