What is Infographics? Iconic Representation (Part 2)


In the previous article (Infographics Part 1) we have seen some interesting facts about BRAIN like,

1. 50% of human brain is involved in Visual Processing
2. 70% of all your sensory receptors are in your eyes.
3. we can get the sense of a Visual scene in less than 1/10 of a second.
4. and 65% of population is Visual Learners.

If we consider these facts the Basic Infographic starts with ‘Better data visualization’ and ‘Iconic Representation’.

Iconic Representation

Iconic representation is the use of pictorial images to make actions, objects, and concepts in a display which is easier
–to find
–to recognize
–to learn
–to remember

Efficient way of presenting data

Pictures are generally more easily recognized and recalled than words, although memory for pictures and words together is superior to memory for words alone or pictures alone.


Benefits of Iconic Representation

1. Better identification (like company logo)


2. Serves as a space efficient alternative to text (road signs)


3. Icons convey message properly where language is a constrain


In next article we will be looking at ‘Picture Superiority Effect’ and some more facts about infographics.

Chapter 1: Infographics Part 1 >>


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