UX Tools Survey 2023 - Results

UX tools Survey 2023 Results

UX Tools Survey 2023 Results 

This survey is designed to gather insights into the preferences and utilization of UX and design tools among professionals and students in the field of User Experience (UX). Organised by UXNESS Edulabs, this marks the third consecutive year of the UX Tools survey campaign, aimed at comprehending the prevailing preferences and trends in the application of UX tools. This years UX Tools Survey is special since we added 'AI/Gen AI' Tools as a new category. 

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Participants demographics 

This year we recorded a great mix of participants demographics with respect to role, years of experience and employer size. Top participants roles UX & product Designers 32% combined, UI Designers 15%, UX Researchers 10% etc. Overall 30% participants were above 5 years of experience and 41% participants between 2 to 8 years of experience. 17% participants were from employer size 5000+.

AI/Gen AI Tools 

  • 58% participants (UX Professionals and students) feel ‘Strongly Agree’ and 'Agree' "AI/Gen AI has great potential in shaping the UX tools and their usage." [Average = 5.66, Mode = 7 (Strongly Agree)' 
  • Top notable AI/Gen AI platforms being used by UX professionals: ChatGPT, Adobe Sensei, Uizard, Google Bard, Adobe Firefly.

Top choice AI/GenAI tools by UX Designers

Wireframing and Prototyping Tools

  • Adobe XD, Figma were the top choice Wireframing & Prototyping tools by the participants continuously for the third year. 
  • Top 5 Wireframing & Prototyping tools – Adobe XD (44%), Figma (43%), Microsoft Office (37%), UXPin (27%), Invision (14%). 
  • Notable entries this years – Proto.io, Framer, Miro, ProtoPie etc. 

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UI Design Tools  

  • Adobe Photoshop, Figma were the top choice UI Design tools by the participants for this year. 
  • Top 5 UI Design tools – Figma (49%), Adobe Photoshop (43%), Adobe XD (33%), Adobe Illustrator (30%), UXPin (19%). Notable entries this years – Proto.io, Framer, Freehand MX etc.
Top 5 UI Design tools

Digital Whiteboarding Tools 

  • Adobe Illustrator, Figma were the top choice Digital Whiteboarding tools by the participants for this year. 
  • Top 5 Digital Whiteboarding tools – Adobe Illustrator (36%), FigJam (34%), Adobe XD (32%), Miro (24%), Sketch (19%). Notable entries this years – Overflow.io, Invision Freehand, Whimsical, Flowmapp etc.
Top 5 Digital whiteboarding tools

Design Handoff Tools  

  • Figma, Sketch were the top choice Design handoff tools by the participants consecutively for the 2nd year. 
  • Top 5 Design Handoff tools – Figma(47%), Sketch (25%), Invision (18%), ProtoPie (17%), Zeplin (15%). Notable entries – Abstract, Framer, Miro, Marvel etc.
Top 5 Design handoff tools

User Research Tools  

  • Google Forms, SurveyMonkey were the top choice User research tools by the participants. 
  • Top 5 User Research tools – Google Forms (54%), SurveyMonkey(35%), User Interviews (27%), UserZoom (27%), Respondent.io (22%). Notable entries – ProvenByUsers, Typeform, UXTweak, Maze etc.
Top 5 User research tools

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Behaviour Analytics Tools  

  • Google analytics, HotJar were the top choice user behavior analytics tools by the participants consecutive for the 3rd year. 
  • Top 5 Behavior Analytics tools – Google Analytics (54%), Hotjar (21%), Visual Website Optimizer (18%), Mixpanel (13%), Crazyegg (8%).
Top 5 Behavior analytics tools

Virtual Collaboration Tools  

  • Google Meet, Zoom were the top choice Virtual Collaboration tools by the participants. 
  • Top 5 Virtual Collaboration tools – Google Meet (56%), Zoom(55%), Microsoft Teams (45%), Slack (31%), Skype (27%).

Top 5 Virtual collaboration tools

UX Tools Toolkit 2023 

Download UX Tools Survey 2022 full report

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