Top UI UX Design studios in India for UX services

Top UX design studios in India

In the ever-evolving landscape of UX design in India, emerging design studios are making their mark, fueling innovation and shaping the industry's future. This surge is emblematic of the dynamic collaboration within the UX/UI space, where innovative design practices take center stage. Indian UX agencies and design studios play a pivotal role in pushing boundaries and setting new standards.

As the India UX industry matures, trends in user experience continue to unfold, reflecting the country's diverse and rapidly changing digital landscape. This dynamic environment fosters a culture of collaboration between UX and UI professionals, emphasizing the importance of a seamless partnership to create outstanding user-centric designs.

Among the pioneers of this movement are Indian design startups, contributing fresh perspectives and novel solutions to the global UX arena. Through compelling UX case studies, these startups showcase their ingenuity and shed light on successful strategies that have resonated in the Indian market.

In essence, our exploration of UX design in India unveils a rich tapestry of emerging design studios, collaborative UX/UI practices, and the dynamic influence of Indian UX agencies, all contributing to the ever-evolving narrative of user experience trends in the country. Join us in dissecting these exciting developments and gaining insights into the innovative spirit propelling India's UX design industry forward. 

Top UI UX Design studio in India

NetBramha Studios 

Founded in 2008, they have 22 employees specializing in UI and UX studio crafting, digital strategy and design, analysis, research, and synthesis. NetBramha Studios is a UX and UI design studio based in Bangalore, India.

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Divami Design Labs

Founded in 2008 and use a three-step sprint process to tackle projects: discover, design, and develop. Divami Design Labs is a user experience and user interface (UX/UI) agency in India. With nearly 90 employees, Divami Design Labs has the most experience with UX/UI design for WordPress and .NET content management systems.

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F1Studiosz have Founded in 2012, F1Studioz is an enterprise UX/UI design company. With locations in Bangalore, India, Hyderabad, India, and Mumbai, they have a team of 30+

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Screen Root is an India-based interactive design firm that specializes in UX/UI design. Founded in 2008, Screen Root works with both web platforms and mobile apps. The team of about about 25 employees is well-versed in SaaS platforms, kiosks, intranets, and e-commerce websites.

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Founded in 2017, silver scoop is a design agency based in Mumbai, India, with more than 10 employees. They have offered UX/UI, web, and product design solutions to clients ranging from small companies to large firms in the fields of media, financial services, and business services.


YUJ Designs

They have locations in Sunnyvale, Calif. as well as Bangalore and Pune, India. Founded in 2009 .YUJ Designs has a team of more than 100 employees who have successfully crafted user experiences for more than 150 international clients, many of them Fortune 500 companies. Their clients come from numerous industries including retail, financial services, and hospitality and leisure. 

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Lollypop Design Studio

Lollypop Design Studio was founded in 2013, with a team of about 80 employees focused on user experience. The company is based in Bangalore, India, and has a satellite office in Mumbai. Lollypop designs models for tools and applications across many industries, including healthcare, education, food tech, and social platforms.


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Team CoDesign 

Team CoDesign is a UX/UI design company based in Nagpur, India. It has 6 employees and was founded in 2017. The team provides UX/UI design, logo design, and branding for their clients.

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Sparkling Innovations

Sparkling Innovations is a UX design and engineering company founded in 2013 in New Dehli, India. Their team of about 20 employees provides solutions in UX/UI design, branding, and web development.

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Founded in 2010, they provide product strategy and design for start-ups and established clients on an international scale. Rillusion is a branding and UI/UX design agency based in Chennai, India. Their solutions focus entirely on UI/UX design for digital products.

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Thence was previously known as Wink Tales. This is a digital design agency based in Bangalore, India. Founded in 2012, their team of 23 employees specializes in UX/UI design. They primarily serve enterprise and midmarket clients in various industries: IT, retail, consumer products, and financial.

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