The role of UX Research in post pandemic world

Post Pandemic World
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COVID19 outbreak has created a worldwide pandemic situation through which millions of people are getting suffered across the globe. This has not caused impact on health, economy but even beyond the way people live, the way they think, the way the feel. It is true that people perception and behaviours get shaped with many reasons such as time, experiences, needs, influence of technology etc. but due to current pandemic condition perceptions and thinking has been impacted in such a short amount of time. Which leads to longitude impact in people behaviour and attitudes. The field of UX actually circles around human, where the key goal is to understand the human behaviour and attitudes, identify their needs, pains and try to solve with a better experience. For this UX Research plays a vital role. Businesses are facing big slowdown, economic issues and their key priority is to create strategy for post pandemic world to mitigate the impact.


Impact to business and startups

Many business, companies and startups are critically impacted by this pandemic such as tourism, travel, hospitality, leisure, food, transportation network & mobility services etc. The offerings from these sectors needs a detailed retrospective and reconsider the pandemic situations in their business model plan. How do you ensure safety trust in your cab services or ride hailing? Examples,

-       How the in store shopping of clothes going to be in post pandemic? What will be the impact on trying out the clothes?

-       How people will react to physical activities like sports, wellness (gym etc.)

-       How do you ensure safety trust of people in cab sharing, ride hailing etc.?  


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It is indeed a great need to make your creative brains running to find solutions to such problems.


What will happen to existing research?

In post pandemic world the way of lifestyle is going to be renamed as new normal and, in many ways, it would be different from the previous. New normal is going to redefine some behaviours and attitudes of people, the way they live in societies, the way they consume the services. This change has also brought a need to re-validate the existing research.


The need of UX Research in Post Pandemic world

There are certain reasons which makes the need of UX research necessary in post pandemic world such as: change in behaviour, change in attitude, change in values and trust etc. User behaviour is getting changed due to this pandemic world. A large number of people going online, cashless and putting themselves in social distancing which affects the way users interact with existing products and services. User attitude is also getting shaped rapidly and having impact on their preferences. With regards to safety and security people may have certain questions in mind regards to your product or service, if your product or service or communication channels are not able to answer those questions, people may change their views related to your product. How do you understand those questions, how do you understand the cognition of your users? The answer is via user research.

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Definitely the path to being habitual with new normal will not be easy for individual and business. It is important to focus on current change in behaviour and understanding the needs of users through user research.

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