6 questions a designer should ask to himself

Design thinking is a problem solving activity where a designer understands user’s problems & frustrations and creates solutions by design.
A Designer should ask some questions to himself before moving ahead with his design solution to check “whether design solution is good or not?”


1. Is your design solution solving all problems of users?

If the design solution is not solving all problems of user then it can’t be a good design. Design should solve all major problems of all user groups.

2. Is you design solution Usable?

You can think amazing design ideas or solutions but you should find the best usable solution from User’s point of view. Make design solution by keeping Usability principles in mind.

3. Is your design solution 'Best'?

Here ‘Best’ means a solution which is solving user’s problem, feasible in technology, fulfilling business goals and can be implemented in suitable timeframe.

4. Is your design solution simplifying complexity?

A designer should always try to minimize complexity of product or service design. Designing for Simplicity is actually very difficult. Simple design solutions delights user and enhance user experience. A designer should spend good amount of time in killing complexity and bringing simplicity in design solutions.

5. Is your design adding value in user's life?

If design solution is able to save time, efforts etc. in completion of specific task from user’s point of view then surely design solution is adding great value in user’s life.

6. Is your design solution accessible?

Can a person with disability perform tasks with your design solutions with ease and satisfaction? Make your solution accessible with respect to web accessibility standards.

On above six questions if your answers are 'YES', then your design solution is said to be 'Good Design' and ready to go to users.

Image: https://pixabay.com/en/hatena-think-about-question-1184896/


Abhishek Jain


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