How to design a good logo?

There are many ways to design a good logo, but we are sharing some important points which will be helpful in designing logos.
First let understand what is logo?

In simple terms logo identifies a business in its simplest form via the use of a mark and icon. 

1. Start with design brief & research?

After getting the brief by preparing questionnaire or interview with client always start with research.
- Get the full information about the companies’ history.
- Understand the companies name and type of product they are producing.
- What is their mission and vision?
- Who are the competitors of the company?
- What is their current market position?
- What is the current trend in the market related to design?
- Always ask the constraints to the client related to color because some clients have their establish color in the market.
- Know each and every detail which is required to design a good logo.

Logo design research

The benefit of the research is that you will get clear picture what is the expectation of client also it will help in designing the appropriate logo design according to market and competitor.

2. Sketch

Well it will be great if anyone is following a design process but can move ahead to the Sketch part because it is one of the important part in it. Start conceptualizing the ideas on paper before moving to the computer because once you will put all the thoughts on the paper then it will be easy to choose the few and finalize concepts for the digital designing process.

Logo design sketching

3. Choose the right Color

Always try to get the right color for the logo because different color has different meanings, communicate ideas and it affects organization/product image in the market. Also keep in mind that your logo should also function in gray-scale in worst situation.

Logo design choosing right color

4. Keep logo simple

While designing logo try to keep it simple because human mind scan & remember simple things easier and longer. As you can see flat design is a best example for it they have reduced the clutterness and removed the unwanted elements in the design. Same logic works in the logo design also. A simple logo is always memorable.

Keep logo simple

5. Logo should be versatile

Logo should be versatile because it is used in different places and in different collateral so it should work across variety of medium and application.

Logo should be versatile Apple logo

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6. Logo should be unique

Logo should be unique in that way that it should stand out in the crowd and the market. For example apple logo without byte has no meaning it is that byte which makes it unique.

Logo should be unique Apple Logo

7. Logo should be scalable

Logo should be scalable for that always start making designing in vector format because it is always scalable. Logo must be scalable and effective in inch sizes. 

Logo should be scalable Nike Logo

8. Better to have your handmade font for logo

It will be great if you made custom typeface/font for logo because if you are going with available fonts in the market then it will not be unique more once it is discovered by other people. So always try to make custom handmade fonts.

Font for Logo design

9. Learn from other’s logo success

Always look in to other works and learn from their successful logo story. Thousands of great successful logo case studies are available online read it to understand their process and their thinking what techniques they used to make a good logo.

Shell logo timeline

10. Learn the software

Well if you are a graphic designer then it is expected that knows that software which is required for logo designing if not then start learning software from today itself. It hardly takes a month to mastering it. Illustrator and Coraldraw are the main software which is used by most of the designer and lots of tutorials are available online. But always keep in mind with brainstorming or idea jumping on the software is not going to help you.

Logo design tools, Adobe Illustrator, Corel Draw

Author: Shivin Mittal@MittalShivin)

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