How Web log analysis helps in Revamping an application

For a User Experience Design Team, there is a lot of work to revamp the different kind of 'Websites, web apps, mobile apps' like 'e-commerce, Enterprise apps, service based apps' etc.
Before getting hands dirty in designing a new app, UX team should always start the work with UX strategy and research work. Always identify the prime goals, objectives and User's pain area.
For identifying the User's pain points and insights there are several methods, like User Interview, studies and web log analysis. In this article we are learning about 'Web Log analysis' and how it helps in revamping application.

Web Log 

Web logs are data recorded based upon activity of user on any website or app. Some of the data are given below,
Number of visits and number of unique visitors
Visit duration and last visits
Days of week and rush hours
Number of page views
Most viewed, entry, and exit pages etc.

How Web log analysis helps in Revamping an application

With the help of web log data analysis UX design team can get lot of insights about the application.

1. Hit count log analysis

This data will be helpful in analyzing the usage of  different sections of application. By this we will be able to understand what are our primary functions.

2. Location wise usage analysis

This will help in understand the global usage of application. 

3. Tickets raised against application

This is very imp data because it tells about exact problems which users are facing in application. Analyses of  this data will help in understand the areas of opportunity.

4. Feedback received from user's

From this data we can take the insights and inferences for new application. 

5. Entry and exit pages

This will help in analysis navigation and from where users are dropping off.


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