Tips and Tours in Websites Part-2

In previous article we have seen how to make ‘Tips’ more usable and accurate in any websites. In this article we are going to talk about ‘Tours’ a new promotion style in digital media trend and websites.
Now, what is ‘tours’? Where to use it? Why to use it? How to use it? many questions come in a UXdesigners mind. ‘Tours’ are the simply a story or summary of new updates, promotion, interesting facts, new features, new changes etc. in any websites. With the help of a ‘Tour’ you can make a user aware about these things in a form of a journey.
Tours 2
‘Tours’ are new and trending feature in digital media and websites. It is good for a UXdesigner to design ‘tip-Tours’ for their websites at respective places but most important thing is to learn how to make it more interesting and engaging. In ‘Tours’ if you are talking about new features or new updates then you have to think to make it pleasing. It should give a feeling of ‘gifting’ ‘getting’ , like that new feature is going to be a gift for users.
Below are some points to make your ‘Tip-Tours’ usable and accurate.
1. At the start and once: ‘Tours’ should come at the beginning of an application. When user is starting his/her activity in any website show  ‘Tour’ and only for once. If you show the ‘Tours’ more times then it will irritate users.
2. Feeling of awesome is required: Don’t forget you are showing a thing (Tour) which a user has not expected, so it should not be boring and bad. When any user interacts with your ‘Tour’ he/she should get awesome feeling. Present the information in creative and attractive way. Short description with images or show the information in Infographics.
3. Show simple and short story, not make it a novel: Story of ‘Tours’ should be short and engaging, don’t write everything in tips. At a time show 2-3 slides in any ‘tour’ of very important and interesting thing.
4. Show Status: Show the count of ‘Tour’ slides and status of ‘Tours’ clearly.
5. Quick exit: Don’t make user to be mandate to view your ‘Tours’, always provide a quick exit.


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