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DDX Conference 2024

DDX Conference 2024 Overview:

We're excited to announce the DDX Conference 2024, set to take place on March 2nd in Dubai. This event is a convergence of innovation and design, bringing together leaders and communities from the MEMA region and beyond. Renowned companies such as Google, Meta, Cisco, Ikea, IBM, and more will participate, aiming to explore how emerging technologies will change the future of digital experience and their impact on the future of digital experiences.

Key Highlights:

- Insights from Industry Pioneers:

The DDX Conference 2024 is an exploration of challenges, best practices, and opportunities in the digital landscape. Attendees will gain unique insights from industry pioneers who are actively shaping the future.

- Connecting Like-minded Individuals:
With a focus on fostering connections, attendees can expect to get inspired, discover new opportunities, including open jobs and projects, and engage in knowledge transfer facilitated by outstanding speakers and experts.

Perks for Attendees:

  • Free Food and Drinks: Enjoy complimentary refreshments throughout the conference.
  • 6-Month Free Figma Account: Each ticket includes a 6-month free Figma account to support design achievements,
  • 50% discount for Art Dubai
  • Exciting Giveaways: Attendees stand a chance to win courses, e-books, and more in our exclusive giveaways.

Tickets On Sale Now:

Exclusive Discount Code: UXness-DDX-20
Please use 'UXness-DDX-20' code to avail 20% discount in the ticket price. 

Secure your spot at DDX Conference 2024 by purchasing your tickets here.

For additional details, visit the official conference page: DDX Conference 2024 - Dubai.


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