AR in Creative Thinking & Mind Mapping

For years, the human brain has been a complicated field of study. There are countless researches, theories, and experiments regarding the functioning mechanism of a brain. Since the last two decades, computer algorithms have been built to almost mimicking a human brain, i.e., Artificial Intelligence. With the evolving traits of AI, now AR is trying to create more accurate images from the human brain and making it smarter, which can push human innovation and creativity. This article will show some aspects and applications of AR on mind mapping and creative thinking and their impact in the future.

Mind Mapping

Mind Mapping

Let us understand what Mind mapping is. Mind mapping is nothing but a visual representation of our thoughts. Our brain is constantly mind mapping, but it’s doing so fast that we cannot realize it. Suppose you plan for a party or deliver a project within some tight deadline. Instantly your mind starts working on the design, breaking down the processes, the number of resources you’re going to need, and many more things. You can put down this on a diagram or chart on paper or through any software and map your thinking to get better clarity. Mind mapping helps to generate ideas quickly and more efficiently.

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Mind Mapping Software

Mind Mapping Software

A mind mapping software is just the visual thinking tool used for better analysis and more structured information. Mind mapping tools can be used for various purposes like you can use them in your trip planning, relationships, to manage your expenses, and in your studies or business.

AR Technology in Mind Mapping

 From the last decade, AI has taken a new gear in every field, and businesses started to use AI-induced Mind Mapping tools. For instance, In 2017, Infosec, a company based in Barcelona, Spain, used IBM’s AI engine ‘Watson Natural Language Understanding (NLU)’ to analyze a vast amount of data and parse it into a mind map that’ll generate reports on eight areas. source

Mind mapping again took a step further through Augmented reality. So, by using this technology, users can see a 3-D mind map in front of them in AR. The mind mapping 3D created by Lucid Reality Labs can be an example. They made the tool by combining all the aspects of AR and helping with learning, thinking, and creative processes (source). The app successfully crosses the barrier of 2D mapping and makes the relationships and nodes more understandable and easier to handle with its 3D visualization. This, on the other hand, eradicates any unnecessary complexity and drives better decision-making interactively and efficiently.

Creative Thinking

Creative Thinking Mind mapping AR

We, humans, are creative, and that is our most unique trait, which makes us individual. There are many scientific theories about creativity in the brain, along with social and behavioural experiments. Scientifically, creativity comes from interplay and communication in the brain network. The comminatory mechanism designed from the intercommunication of the brain network is behind the generation of creative ideas. On the other hand, social creativity develops by interacting with people with diversified backgrounds, boosting one’s imagination and thinking.

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Can AI be Creative? 

The biggest question is whether machines or computers and, in particular, AI can be creative? Well, an answer to this question could be that AI can catalyze the creativity of humans. Creative AI is the new form of AI that can catalyze the process of innovation, and invention can reshape our future. 

AR in Creative Thinking

 Applying AR in the education field can be a notable instance of pushing creativity. Interactive AR apps are helping children to learn things more inclusively and efficiently. This new way of learning motivates them to learn and create new things. For example, this app called 3DBear on android helps children develop a visual story in augmented reality (source). Like this way, the app is helping the young learner to read, write and make them digitally literate.

Final Words

 The mind mapping tool was initially created to organize, learn and retrieve data, but it evolved to an utterly brain-storming tool that can amplify creativity. Subsequently, AR can present visual images in 3D, which is more appealing and interactive. The August 21 launch of Nebula’s NReal Light Kit and many other features can turn the smartphone’s 2D browsing feature into 3D (source). So, it can be said that the future is already here where AR will be used extensively everywhere. Although the advancement of technologies takes mind mapping and creative thinking to a different level, still it’s essential to try to analyze a complete picture and evaluate milestones for a long-term project before implementing anything new. And, there’s a constant red highlighted question of if creative machines or algorithms are capable of swallowing human jobs. To answer that if on the one hand, it might take away some comparatively simpler opportunities and create new job opportunities regarding technology and designing.

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