Is your company delivering a modern user experience to its customers?

Modern User Experience design


According to a survey, 33% of people prefer to read something with a beautiful design rather than something plain when they have 15 minutes to read. This shows the desire for a good experience among consumers today.   Source

Since last year, we have seen MedTech, FinTech, MarTech, RegTech, and a lot of other startups infusing technology in the markets. With digital interactions, both official and personal, growing in both strength and engagement, marketers face intense competition for consumers' trust and loyalty.

Is UX still relevant today?

Experience of modern users

By delivering modern User Experiences, we enable consumers to enjoy experiences that are meaningful and personal to them. UX aims to reach deep inside a user's mind and overcome any confusion, questions, or problems he or she may have. Modern UX is all about delivering lasting impressions and experiences, which is what is being emphasized more and more throughout the industry today.

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Guidelines for Modern User Experience

Modern user experience principles are as follows.

Easy to understand

There are so many articles about UX design that the point of this aspect is not stressed enough. It is not necessary to impress with complexity to have a modern design. Quite the contrary, actually.

Your design must pass a few parameters so that users can use it easily. To start with, the design has to be relevant to the industry and meaningful to your business. The thumb rule is, if you can replace four buttons with one, do that. Keep the page, app, and property consistent in colors, components, and behaviors.  You may lose users if the design takes a second longer to use than another option.

Establishing trust

It has been estimated that 68% of website users give up because of customer service issues. Source 

Obviously, that's not what we want to hear. You should clearly state what you intend to accomplish with your design. Genuine descriptions are the key. As you progress through the funnel, build trust at each stage.

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Be sure to treat users like participants

Users, consumers, and customers become very distant from you the moment you call them that. Rather, we mean not to do it. Users are human just as you are, and they need simple solutions to problems just like you do. That is the point of modern user experience. By conducting constant research and utilizing participatory surveys, consider the users as participants in the design process.

A long-term approach

Short-term and long-term goals need to be set in a balanced manner. When designing, think of it as an element of a series of games, rather than a single game, a single game to be won. It's like a tournament that doesn't end. The one who stays wins.

Long-term goals usually require you to sacrifice short-term ones. An example of this is incorporating a design element that adds aesthetic value now, rather than waiting until later to add more complex components.

Current best practices in User Experience

Following can be implemented by following some of these best practices and following specific practices which you need to meet the requirements of your design.

Incorporate co-creation

Design research must be integrated into design. We should involve everyone in both. During the decision-making stage, designers must be involved in research themselves as well as researchers. During the testing stage, have all your staff involved. We will get a different perspective from co-creation by bringing it to the table.

Giving equal weight to each interaction

Modern digital technology produces increasingly minimal user experiences, making each interaction increasingly important. 

It's no longer possible to compromise quality between components.

The importance of motivation for designers

Even a terrific design strategy could end up being a disaster if designers simply aren't satisfied with their workplaces. The artistic and vehement nature of creative professionals should be considered. Ensure they have all the light and shade they need to create their products to the highest possible standard.

Ecological approach to experiences

Every user lives in an ecosystem, whether it is digital or otherwise. Any disruption of their ecosystem, whether positive or negative, may result from introducing a new product to them. Think about that when designing UX. A seamless part of the user's ecosystem is what you're trying to convey.

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Speed and agility

Never delay learning, listening, or responding. Create small, iterative batches for UX design. Implement agility in your day-to-day work. Provide formal agility training to your designers if necessary. You must make sure that their ideas are not hindered by this practice, and this is an issue that requires the involvement of senior management.

It is necessary to perform continuous testing in order to find out if these principles and practices really work for your product. 

Therefore, UX design needs to remain flexible. In essence, UX has crossed borders and is now part of the entire CX (Customer Experience).

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