How not to get UX work impacted due to coronavirus

Remote work from home due to coronavirus

In this epidemic condition due to coronavirus spread across world, many such great measures and precautions are taken by people. Many countries has also provided the guidance related to work, travel and personal safety, alongside many IT companies have also released advisory for working remotely, taking hygiene at work and avoiding travel unless really necessary. When it comes to the work of UX, designers, researchers and other UX professionals there are some ways where personal safety and health measures can be taken without having great impact on work. Today, I would like to share some tips which can be helpful for UX professionals in this condition. 

1. Conducting UX activities remotely
It is better time to utilise and maximise the remote research activities such as remote Usability Testing, remote user interviews. Team can also focus on usability inspection reviews, expert reviews, Behaviour analysis using analytics tools and web log. There are some great tools available for remote UX research such as Maze, UserCrowd, Usabilla, UserTesting, Hotjar, Mouseflow, Clicktale etc.

Usability Testing Template

2. Taking job interviews over video
Job interviews for designers/ researchers can also take place over video calls. Some great resources such as Bluejeans, WebEx, GoToMeeting etc for video calls and interviews.

3. Collaborating with teams remotely
Team collaboration is indeed needed for effective work execution, which can also be taken with team collaboration platforms such as Microsoft teams, Slack, Jira (activity tracking and planning), Workplace by Facebook etc.

4. Utilise time for learning via e-learningIndividuals can also utilise this time in enhancing their skills with being safe using online learning portals. Explore UXness UX course catalog, courses identified from Interaction Design Foundation, Udemy, Coursera etc.

5. Proper use of freelancers
For companies or individuals who need support from designers can also use freelance portals and get the work done remotely. Some useful platforms like Fiverr, Upwork, Toptal etc.

Be safe and let’s fight with coronavirus. 
Also, feel free to share your views and more guidance. 

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