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A Many a times Companies spend lot of money, efforts, resources etc. in designing and developing a good product with high expectations to generate new business, better conversions, high sales, increasing revisiting of customers etc. but fail to achieve those goals. There is a correlation between product success and its Usability. Are your users able to use it? Is your product satisfying all user needs? All these questions actually define success. We conduct mobile app/ website Usability review and identify Usability related issues and provide suggestions to improve them.

Why Usability review

A Usability review is where an expert goes through your interface looking for usability, experience problems, areas of improvement and makes recommendations on how to fix them. We inspect your site or application based on the industry best practices and principles to come up with finding on which you can take action on. 

We evaluate your site or application based on the usability heuristics and give them severity level which helps you take better decision which things to be addressed/fix first. 

We give you the report contains detailed findings and recommended solutions for improving the usability & experience of your site/application which will helps you achieve business goals.

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