How to view Axure Prototype like a Mobile app

If you are designing any mobile app in Axure then simulating prototype directly in mobile device for realistic presentation & demonstration will be really cool. In this article we are going to see how we can publish Axure prototype and view in mobile like an app.

Step1: Setup page according to targeted mobile device resolution and size. Also create global guides as per screen size and work according to guides.
Example: Guides created for iPhone 6s resolution (647x375px). Reduce the height by 20px in iOS app for status bar.

Step 2: Complete prototyping work and keep all the elements inside the guide.

Step 3: Publish prototype with some modifications
a.       Include View Port tag
b.      Set targeted device
c.       Screen width
d.      Add app-icon
Go to Publish> Generate html > Mobile/Device.

Step 4: Upload prototype in Axure Cloud (Axshare) and generate the link ‘Without sidebar'.

Step 5: Open the prototype link in targeted mobile device using default browser and ‘Add link to Home’. With this step, you can find an app icon in Menu of mobile as app.

Step 6: Tap on the app icon from Mobile menu and experience the prototype link an app.

We will be seeing some more articles related to Axure prototyping tool. Keep sharing your feedback/comments and suggestions of new topics.

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