How to improve experience of Search Engine or searching website


Which search engine or searching website do you use mostly?
I have asked this question to many people and most of the people replied with ‘Google’, ‘Yahoo’ ‘Bing’ etc. And the next question is ‘Why??’
Why do you use ‘Google’ more than any other search engines? Most of them answered that ‘Google is clean’ , ‘Google is easy’, ‘UI is very nice of Google’ etc. But do you really think that for a search engine only simple structure and nice user interface are required.
The answer is ‘No’. these factors may be required but there is one more thing that is very important in improving experience of Search Engines i.e. ‘Relevancy’ or ‘Quality of search’. Lets learn about searching behavior of a user and trust factor.

Searching Behavior and trust factor

When any user searches something, at that time he/she is doing some effort in finding something. That effort is coming in form of queries of keywords he/she typing in searching website. If user is doing that much kind of effort then the ‘Results’ are the important factor in improving his/her experience. If any website is able to present the best quality result then it will be joyful moment for him and it is the beginning of ‘Trust’ in that searching website.
Search engine should give results those are relevant to user so that when a user comes to find something he should get things in less time with less effort. This will create more trust on that website and user will come back to search on it more.
Just think ‘how many times you have searched something on Google and you have not got any results’ and not only results Google tries to show most relevant results over first page so that you can find information easily and quickly.
When you search something on Google and you find, it gives you a satisfaction, happiness and this improves your trust on Google in finding something.So for a searching website ‘Relevancy’ and ‘Quality of results’ are most important factor in improving experience.

Factors which can improve UX of Search engines

1. Only coming with quality results will not be sufficient, it is important to present in better manner so that a user can find out useful information. Don't forget user is searching so make his effort less in reading and scanning information. Present results in simple and clear manner.
2. Group information properly and make users life easier.
3. Searching experience will be smart when your system will start learning your user activity and searching pattern. This will lead to ‘Personalized Experience’ which will delight user more.
4. Next step of searching of ‘Exploring’. Searching is coming with a question or query but Explore is coming with an expectation which is positive. Offer the way from which a user can explore things and find new things.
Finding something through explore is really a nice fun. This fun will build ‘Experience’ better.


Proving the best suited and relevant results are the important factors of any search engine. Presentation of results and information is also very important.
If you are driving any search engine in your intranet or on internet then try to make it more accurate.


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