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Contribute to UXNESS: A Guide to Publishing Your UX Articles

UXNESS is a global online community of over 35,000 UX Designers and design enthusiasts. We invite you to share your expertise and insights by publishing your articles on User Experience (UX) design.

Benefits of Publishing UX Articles

By publishing your articles on UXNESS, you can:
  • Reach a global community of over 35,000 UX Designers.
  • Gain recognition within UX Design communities.
  • Engage in a fun and essential process of learning and sharing.
  • Receive reviews, feedback, and appreciation, fostering interaction and discussion around your knowledge.

Guidelines for Writing UX Articles

When writing your UX articles, please consider the following:
  • Choose a topic related to UX design. Suggested topics include, but are not limited to: UX, Usability, UX Process, UX Tools, UX Strategy & Management, Information Architecture, Interaction Design, Graphic Design, Visual Design, UX & IoT, AR-VR-MR Technologies, Voice-based interactions, Agile & UX, Responsive Designs, UX Case Studies, UX Research, Usability Testing, etc.
  • At UXNESS, we publish a diverse range of content including information articles, UX case studies, design reviews, UX research projects, opinion pieces, UX survey results, and comprehensive UX guides.
  • Ensure your content is original and tells a compelling story.
  • Be concise and focused, expressing your personal experiences within the article.
  • Include graphic elements such as theme pictures, infographics, or videos to engage readers.
  • Conduct thorough research on your topic and provide references and citations where necessary.
Please include the following author details:
  • Author's name
  • Affiliation or company name
  • LinkedIn URL or website link
  • Designation or role
  • Short bio
  • Portrait image

How to Submit Your Article

To submit your article for publication, please send your articles (Word/PDF/Link) to The UXNESS team will conduct an initial review of the article's topic and content. Upon successful review, your article will be published on the UXNESS website. You will receive a confirmation email with a direct link to your article and a recognition certificate.

Certificate of Publication UXNESS

Rules & Instructions

Please ensure your article adheres to the following rules:
  • The content should be relevant to User Experience Design and design topics, aimed at helping designers and design enthusiasts expand their knowledge.
  • The article must contain original content and not be copied from any other source.
  • Do not include images, media, etc., without the author's consent. Always provide appropriate credits.
Please send your articles (Word/PDF/Link) to We look forward to your contributions!

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UXNESS provides a unique opportunity for companies to sponsor posts as part of a paid engagement. This allows companies to increase their brand visibility while simultaneously supporting the creation of high-quality content.
For example, a UX agency looking to broaden their brand presence and showcase their work could sponsor an article featuring their case studies, thereby promoting their agency brand.
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