Top 5 Desktop & Website Based Prototyping Tools

Working in the design industry, you are inevitably to do some prototypes, of course, that is also inseparable from a variety of tools. A handy tool makes a handy man. Good prototype software can greatly improve your efficiency, but each tool has its own advantages and disadvantages. There is a list of prototyping tools/apps based on browser, PC, and mobile devices. In order to better help you make the right judgments, and less detours, today I will introduce the product features of some commonly used prototyping tools.

1. Axure RP

Despite the variety of prototyping tools whose functionality and usability are constantly developing in recent years, but Axure is still the ace among these prototyping tools. It’s a very good prototyping design software on Windows, also the first choice for predesign work.

Axure RP Prototype, wireframing tool

Free 30-day trial.
Pro: $289 per license
Team: $589 per license
Enterprise: $99/month

1. Renowned prototyping tool with large user population.
2. Rich video tutorials with multi-language.
3. Built-in widgets and a huge library of third-party widgets.
4. Good for making interactive prototype with complex interaction.
5. Professional training and support documentation.

Directly press F5 to preview online, or preview via mobile device:
Export the project to HTML, and then open in Safari;
Open the uploaded project from PC through Axshare.

Support for export file types: HTML, DOCX, PNG

2. Mockplus

As an emerging rapid prototyping tool, Mockplus provides a large number of components and icons, and it’s user-friendly design helps users starting design quickly. The interaction design in Mockplus is fully visualized, that's WYSIWYG. It allows your to add page link and interaction for components with simple drag-and-drop. Simple, convenient visualization operation greatly simplifies the interaction design, also improving the work efficiency.

Mockplus, wireframe, design tool

Free trail
Monthly subscription: $20
Yearly subscription:$119

1. Low learning curve, easy to learn for a first-time user.
2. Easy-to-use drag and drop, prototyping is fast.
3. A huge standard library of components (200) and vector icons (26,00).
4. Interaction design is visualized, adding interactivity to individual elements with simple drag and drop.
5. Comprehensive ways to preview and share your project: export to HTML, export to demo package, export to images, export project tree, publish to cloud and scan QR code.

1. Press F5
2. Export to HTML5 view online
3. Export to HTML5 offline package
4. Export to demo package
5. Preview on mobile device by inputting view code
6. Scan QR code
7. Export to image
8. Export project tree

Support for export file types:.exe, PNG, HTML, Project tree (Mind Map, Tree View, HTML, MarkDown, XML, Text)

3. Justinmind

JustinMind is mainly focusing on high-fidelity prototyping. Compared with other interactive prototyping tools, Justinmind is more suitable for mobile device (iOS & Android) prototypes. If you want to create a complex high-fidelity prototype, you can try it.

Justinmind, wireframing tool

Free 30-day trial.
Pro: $29/month (billed yearly: $19/month)

1. Gesture interaction
2. Custom components and libraries
3. Rich interactions and animations
4. Conditions and variables
5. Team prototyping and version control

1. Preview online
2. Preview on device

Support for export file types: HTML + JS, Word, PNG, Navigation map

4. Invision

InVision is a web-based interactive prototyping tool. It can easily achieve a very good collaboration between team members, gather feedback to help designers quickly design product models, manage design teams, and online collaboration assistance. The static pages, mobile app wireframe can be quickly turn into clickable, interactive prototypes.


Free - 1 prototype
Starter - $15/month, 3 prototypes
Professional - $25/month, unlimited prototypes
Team - $99/month, unlimited prototypes
Enterprise - Unlimited prototypes, plus advanced features

1. Easy to learn.
2. Quick and intuitive to add screens and create hotspots.
3. Support for gestures and transitions.
4. Sharing and commenting system are good for collecting feedback.

Via browser on PC or mobile devices

Prototypes can be share through URL, Email, SMS, etc., you can also download the ZIP prototype package or PDF

5. is a very powerful web app with a lot of features. However, it needs to set by dragging and dropping of each step, click the button, and adjust the value in the options. Sometimes it’s a bit difficult to find some of the settings you need.

design tool,

Free 15-day trail.
Freelancer: $29/month, 1 user, 5 active projects
Startup: $49/month, 2 users, 10 active projects
Agency: $99/month, 5 users, 15 active projects
Corporate: $199/month, 10 users, 30 active projects

1. A huge standard library of components.
2. Support for adding interactivity to individual elements.
3. Support for importing designs from Dropbox.
4. Support for Sketch and Photoshop plugins.

Preview through HTML or send SMS to mobile

Support for export file types: HTML, PNG, PDF

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