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Frequently asked questions (FAQs)

1. What will you find in this blog/website?
This blog/website is for all the User Experience enthusiasts, designers, developers. Here you will find articles and posts about User Experience, Usability, design, web and mobile design, design principles, concepts and much more.

2. How to view complete blog?
Just click on either 'Post title' or 'Read more' to have a full view of post.

3. Can I suggest any topic for new blog to author?
Yes definitely. If you find any topic in which you want more clarification then you can suggest that topic me on this email id -
I will surely gather information on suggested topic and provide post on topic as soon as possible.

4. Where you will find information about author?
In top menu, you can view complete information about me in these tabs, 'About Me', 'Portfolio'.

5. How can I find Top articles/popular posts?
You can find top articles and popular post either on top menu 'Top Articles' or in side panel 'Popular post'.

6. How can I connect socially with author?
Well, you can find me twitter with (@UxdAbhi) or in 'About me' tab view my social network links.

7. Can I comment/share any post?
Yes, you can provide your comments on any post or article here,

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